About the Construction Safety Partnership

The Construction Safety Partnership (www.csponline.ie) is a partnership of the major stakeholders in the construction industry in Ireland. The main objective of the CSP is to improve the safety and health performance of the industry. This is achieved by working together, identifying specific initiatives that would improve safety and then working together to achieve our common aims.

Full details of the CSP's work can be got from www.csponline.ie.

About Cert Tracker

This initiative was designed to assist contractors use modern technology to manage the certification requirements associated with lifting equipment and lifting accessories.

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 set out manadatory testing and examination requirements for this type of equipment in order to ensure that it is maintained and safe to use. Tracking this equipment and maintenance of records can be difficult for a construction company. Cert Tracker is designed to assist with this work and to allow a firm to maintain an inventory of this equipment and all the certification it requires.

See the CIF Summary Document for more indepth information on certification.