To Register

  • Complete the "Sign Up" form and submit.
  • You are now reigstered as the Main User & Contact for your company

To Enter Data*

  • Log in using your username and password
  • Select "My Equipment" - all present items and their status will be listed
  • To add a new item - Select  "Add New" and complete the details and press "Submit"
  • To edit an existing entry - select "EDIT" and make the required changes and SAVE
  • * Only advanced users can alter information - advanced users can be designated using the "USERS" tab.

To Delete an Item

  • On your equipment list select the edit Icon beside the relevant item
  • Scroll to bottom of the page, check "Delete" and then select "Submit"

To Add New Sub-Users*

  • When logged in select the "Users" menu item.
  • On the listing page select "Add User"
  • Decide if the user "Can Edit Equipment"
  • Select "Save"
  • Only Main Contact Users can add new Sub Users.

For assistance please email